Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Big Egg Hunt NYC

In the beginning of April, New York City did something so cool. They teamed up with Faberge to host a gigantic, city-wide Easter egg hunt for charity, called The Big Egg Hunt NYC. They took these 2 and 1/2 foot tall eggs, gave them to over 260 artists, designers, architects, sculptors (and more), and pretty much told them to just have at it! It's absolutely amazing how these artists took the exact same shape and dimensions, and just got so incredibly creative with it. Then the eggs were taken and hidden in plain sight all over NYC. Some were inside stores, buildings, hotel lobbies, and more, while others were just right out there on the sidewalk (many not even under glass). How cool is that? They even had a "Where's Waldo" egg that kept changing locations. There was an app to download so that every time you found an egg you could scan it to see information about the artist and the inspiration behind their piece, and then the more eggs you "collected," the more entries you gained into a sweepstakes to win big-ticket prizes from Faberge. I just think this is the coolest thing. It's almost like giving a bunch of artists a blank canvas and just asking them to create whatever they want...except instead of a flat canvas, it's a giant three dimensional egg! I love how they're all the same dimensions, but completely different - it's like there's no limit to how imaginative people can be. The gray egg in the picture above is by Marchesa - it looks just like one of their gorgeous Oscar gowns!

I loved the colorful brush strokes on the one on the left.

On the left is Warby Parker's artist drew a map of all of the best places to hang out and read a book in Manhattan. Pretty cool!

This one was hidden at The Metropolitan Museum of Art...very apropos.

Diane Von Furstenberg's egg.

At first I just thought this one was made of beads, but upon closer inspection: candy! The orange is Gummi Bears, the yellow is banana Runts, and the beige one is Pez.

That GORGEOUS white and pink floral egg by Emma Clegg was hidden in the window of Mulberry during the egg hunt. After the hunt ended about a week ago, all of the eggs were gathered up and placed on exhibit at Rockefeller Center so everyone could see them (that's where I took most of these pics). I was disappointed that the floral egg wasn't on display (I'd seen it on Instagram and thought it was lovely). Just as I was leaving though, I happened to spot it in the window of Anthropologie at Rockefeller Center! I was so surprised and happy, because it was one of the ones I was hoping to see - and I loved that it was still a little hidden. 

Naeem Khan's egg looked like gorgeous jewelry.

These were the only two that I discovered as I was walking around the city while the actual hunt was still on - the disco ball looking one was at Columbus Circle, and the gorgeous painted one was just out on the sidewalk on the Upper East Side. I didn't actually know about the egg hunt while it was happening, but after discovering these two I looked into it and became aware of this whole cool thing. Then I was super pissed that I hadn't known about it, because I would have loved to search for eggs around the city and get to explore different neighborhoods at the same time...but I was pretty psyched that I found these two anyway. Especially since they're two of my favorites - how pretty are they?

The only egg that I didn't get to see, which I really, really wanted to see, was this one. Pretty unfortunate, because it was "hidden" in a store very close to my apartment! It immediately reminded me of the Alessi blow-up basket that I blogged about here, and I would have loved to see it in person.

If you happened to have a few extra thousand dollars lying around, one of these beauties could be yours - they auctioned some off at Sotheby's last night with all proceeds going to charity. You can check out the bidding and prices here - some are going for as high as $14,000! Anyway, if you'd rather spend your thousands on something else, you can still get to see the eggs (for free) at Rockefeller Center until Friday.

all photos by me

Monday, April 21, 2014

Fishs Eddy

Fishs Eddy is a great kitchen/dishware store down around the Flatiron neighborhood. I know, kitchenware sounds kind of boring....but Fishs Eddy is anything but. Their motto is "we do dishes," and they certainly do-but not in any ordinary way. The items available are eclectic, unique, and absolutely charming. Everything, from the merchandise, to the signage, to the store's decor, is done with a little wink. 

Fishs Eddy has everything you could want for a beautiful and functional kitchen, including the basics - high-quality dishware in clear glass and creamy whites, kitchen tools, dishtowels, and more-but then comes the fun stuff. They have a line of glassware covered in multi-colored polka-dots, a dessert plate with "big mistake" written on it (only to be revealed by the time you've finished your "big mistake"), colorful patterned party glasses, gorgeous pastel cake stands, and so much more. I would say the thing they're best known for are their porcelain glove molds, which would add a quirky touch to any surface of your home-both in regular sizes and minis (you guys know how I feel about hands). There are small items like metal straws, tiny bowls, and mini cocktail shakers, and their "Note to Self" line includes a mug printed to look like a piece of lined paper (so cute!). 

The great thing about Fishs Eddy is that as cute and quirky as the items are, they're never over the top. You don't need to be a foodie to enjoy this store-as long as you have a kitchen and a sense of humor, you'll be able to find something you love! The store is simply full of character, and the staff is incredibly friendly and accomodating. The atmosphere is bright and happy, and you're sure to walk out of Fishs Eddy in a good mood. 

Also in the vicinity of Fishs Eddy: ABC Carpet and Home (a serious must-visit for design lovers), ABC Kitchen (best restaurant in the city in my opinion, and hard to get into...reservations should be made about a month in advance, but so very worth it), and a plethora of charming brownstones to take in as you amble along. It's a cute area and a very cute store!

A few weeks ago I was Googling around looking for one of these...totally forgot that Fish's Eddy had these perfect ones...and in blush pink, no less!

all photos by me

Friday, April 18, 2014

Loving, Lately

Hatch Lily tank: Okay, it's kind of funny that I'm putting this on a wish list because yes, it's a maternity shirt. But look how cute those straps are! I've never seen anything like them. And let's get real, don't we all have those times where we wouldn't mind having on a maternity shirt? 

I'm usually exclusively a Baies girl when it comes to Diptyque candles (I have the white and the black). But, at the Garance Dore event a few weekends back their Oranger candle was burning, and it smelled so subtly wonderful that I still haven't forgotten about it. 

Caitlin McGauley is an incredible artist - I have her Washington Square Park watercolor print and it's one of my favorite pieces. She did two large canvases for Pottery Barn Kids, and I think they're so awesome. I love this floral one especially, as I think it would be appropriate anywhere, not just in a child's room. For example, I think it would be perfectly appropriate in my hallway ;)

Florals are one of my favorite patterns on the planet, but I'm very picky about them - of the millions out there, only certain ones really appeal to me. I'm absolutely head over heels for this one.

In case my Victoria's Secret sandals don't work out (still waiting for them to arrive), I've got my eye on these from Nordstrom. They look comfortable and very similar to a pair I have and love and which badly need replacing.

Totally interested in reading Astonish Me, by Maggie Shipstead. I loved her first book Seating Arrangements, and Astonish Me takes place in the world of ballerinas, which I find intriguing. Speaking of reading, The Goldfinch just won Donna Tartt a Pulitzer...I need to get on that!

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Eva Chen's Bargain Bag

Speaking of Instagrammers I all follow Eva Chen, editor-in-chief of Lucky Magazine, yes? She is so awesome. She's in the "fashion world," and yet she seems so funny, silly, down to earth, and real. I love her signature cab shots where you get to see her fabulous shoes and bags (and the ever-present shiny red apple!), as well as her manicure shots and all of the peeks into her life as she galavants around the city. She just seems so fun.

Anyway, a few weeks back I saw the above cab shot on her Instagram and immediately kind of freaked out for that fantastic black studded tote. I clicked for brand info with low hopes, figuring it was probably Alexander Wang or Gucci or something else egregiously out of my price range. I was SUPER shocked and thrilled when the brand that popped up was actually Aeropostale! I haven't shopped there in years, and I was surprised and impressed to see that Eva mixes high and low like that...very cool!

By the time I got around to looking for it it was sold out, so I turned to Ebay and luckily, I found it new with tags! Yaaaay. I seriously love it so much. It's edgy, it's lightweight, it's roomy, and it was CHEAP (like 30 bucks). The best part of all is that IT'S COVERED IN BLACK STUDS (in case you didn't notice). Thank you Eva Chen!!

first image via Eva Chen's Instagram

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

My Favorites from Jonathan Adler

I've always been a huge fan of Jonathan Adler, mainly because I love a little quirk in interior design. I think we can all agree that nobody does quirk quite like JA! My Muse Noir candle (pictured above) is one of my favorite items, because it's so eye-catching and unique. I'm a big fan of Jonathan Adler's sense of fun and whimsy - I mean, what's a room without a sense of humor or a little wink? I also love the materials that he chooses for his pieces. He uses lots of gorgeous, shiny brass, and my Muse Noir candle is rendered in ceramic. Ceramic feels to me like somewhat of an earthy and rustic material, which I think provides a great contrast to the modern eclecticism of the piece.

Jonathan Adler has tons of fun new arrivals for spring, as well as classics that I've known and loved for a while. Here are some of my favorite products that would add a little fun to any space:

I have a thing for elephants (especially my little newspaper-covered guy you saw in this post). I think this brass elephant box would look so cute on a coffee table tray along with a few stacks of books. 

As I said, obsessed with my Muse Noir candle. So of course I'm loving this amazing Muse d'or gold-glazed version. Every room needs a touch of metallic!

I love studs. And I love that this box is white on white, rendered in a matte porcelain. Edgy + elegant + classic. I seriously love this so much - it's simple, but not boring. Boxes like this are perfection for corralling ugly stuff like remotes. 

This is pink, which I think is a sufficient explanation for why I love it. A bubblegum candle? How cute is that (and well-priced!)

Again-every room benefits from metallic! This is just so dang pretty. A champagne candle - I love it. I can just imagine how fab it would smell!

Um, hi. This trivet is gorgeous. Agate with gold edging...just lovely, and neutral enough to fit into anyone's decor. Every room needs some natural materials, like agate. 

How cool is this brass magnifying glass? It feels like something that would be in the library of a grand old English estate (like very Downton Abbey-ish or something). 

Cool fact I recently learned about Jonathan Adler while perusing the site: he was actually a potter before he became the brand-name interior designer/maker of home goods that he is now. How cool is that? He was an artist first and foremost. His pottery pieces all still originate in his Soho studio, where he and his team design them and make the prototypes - love that. If you want to learn more about him, click here and scroll down to his "About" timeline - it's seriously laugh out loud funny.


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