Monday, January 26, 2015

Death Becomes Her: Anna Wintour Costume Center Exhibit at The Met

Over the weekend, my friend and I popped into the Metropolitan Museum of Art to check out Death Becomes Her: A Century of Mourning Attire, the fall exhibition mounted by the Met's Costume Institute (which, unbeknownst to me, was renamed the Anna Wintour Costume Center in May). The exhibition explored the societal and cultural standards set for mourning attire throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries in both Europe and America. It was really interesting to see the extremely formal dresses, capes, and accessories worn during times of grief, while also learning about the the societal standards to which women were expected to adhere sartorially during their time of mourning. Read on for more pictures and a little more of what I learned at the exhibit:

Friday, January 23, 2015

Ladurée Lucky Charms

I am a huge fan of Ladurée macarons (obviously). But as it turns out, there's more to love at this chic Parisian bakery than just their sweets -they also have the most gorgeous candles in a variety of pretty and elegant colors. I was so excited and surprised when my friend Alexis gave me the New York City "Lucky Charms" candle for my birthday - such a sweet, kind thing to do! Since it's purple I knew immediately that it had to live on my purple book stack (just couldn't resist). It smells so good, and I have to admit, I'm just as enamored with the box that it came in as I am with the candle itself. Read on to see more pictures:

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Most Useful Purchase I've Made for Blogging

We all make tons of purchases each year (myself especially!), but how many of those purchases actually turn out to be really useful? I got to thinking about this when The Well wrote a post posing this question: "What did you purchase in the past year that became invaluable to you?" It was interesting to ponder. Everything I buy serves one purpose or another - a book for entertainment, a kitchen gadget that makes things a little easier, some new decor item for my apartment that just makes me happy to look at...but none of those things quite fulfilled this specification put forth by The Well: something that you buy and then think, "how did I live without that item?" Using that criterion, (especially as it pertains to blogging) the first thing that popped into my head was....

Monday, January 19, 2015

Rifle Paper Co. Botanical Illustration

I've long loved the botanical prints from Rifle Paper Co., and I'm excited that I finally found the perfect spot for one of them in my apartment. My bathroom was sorely lacking in the color department (aside from these, which are always hidden behind the door), so it struck me that one of these prints could be the perfect way to infuse a dose of life into the space. I really, really love the soft hues that Anna Bond chose for this illustration - the pale peach and faded turquoise are just lovely. I have very little blue in my apartment (save for a few books and pieces of art), so this turquoise hue feels really fresh to me, and perfect for a bathroom. I'm also really pleased with the frame - it's an Ikea Ribba - $6.99!

photos by me

Friday, January 16, 2015

Sweets in Faraway Places

As anyone who knows me knows, my love of NYC runs deep - when it comes to the debate between the coasts, I'm an East Coaster and a New York City girl through and through. I'm sure California is absolutely lovely and I know the weather is amazing, but I've just never felt much of a pull towards the West Coast. That is, until I became aware of a few amazingly charming spots for sweets that happen to be (inconveniently for me) located on the opposite side of the country. If anything could encourage me to take a trip to the West Coast, of course it wouldn't be the sunny weather, the beaches, or anything like that - nope, for me it's all about the sweets! Here are a few places that I'm dying to visit (or dying to have open up NYC outposts!)

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Everlane Reviews: Sweatshirts, Chunky Knits, and More

In the last year or so, Everlane has really become my go-to for the simple tops that I wear on a daily basis. I thought it might be helpful to give a rundown of the items that I've tried in recent months, which have become staples in my wardrobe. 

The V-Neck Tee: I guess I'm cheating on my beloved u-necks! I still love those, but lately I've started to get more into Everlane's v-neck tees. They have the perfect fit as far as I'm concerned - the v hits at a perfect spot and the neckline isn't loose so I'm not worried that I might be flashing someone if I bend over. It fits a little more closely to the body than the u-neck and is a little less "flowy," but it's definitely NOT tight (I hate nothing more than a tight t-shirt). It's not super oversized either, but you could do a little half tuck if you're layering it under a blazer or sweater. 

The Cotton Tank: I know I declared the Ryan Tank to be perfect in this post, but I think the Cotton Tank may have bumped it out of first place, for one simple reason: machine washable. I truly HATE hand-washing, so that's a big drawback of the Ryan Tank. I got the white version of the Cotton Tank, and it's light, but substantial - the material seems high-quality to me. You know how sometimes you get a white tee or tank, and it's thin as tissue paper and seems really cheap? So not the case with this. It's got a loose, oversized fit, and is quite long - I probably could have down a size, but I always prefer things oversized versus too small. Also, fair warning: the armholes are kind of huge. That doesn't really bother me but not sure if it might bother some. 

The Petra Crossbody: This was a top item on my holiday wish list and I'm so glad I got it! Everything I said in this post stands. It's gorgeously structured and composed of a luxurious mix of materials. It's a modern classic and I absolutely love it. 
The Drop-Shouder Tee: I ordered this because I had a gift card, and I'm surprised by how much I've wound up liking it! It couldn't be simpler, but the little details give it an elevated look. I love that the sleeves are a little longer and slimmer than usual (almost reaching to the elbow), and I just think it has a good, modern cut and drape to it. It's got a vent on the sides and is longer in the back, and surprisingly, I really like the higher neckline. The material is soft and light, and I just think overall it has a cool look to it. I've got myself on the "notify me" list for April when the white will be restocked (I have a serious love of white tee-shirts with jeans). And of course, the price is very right (only 22 dollars). 

The Short-Sleeve Sweatshirt: Odd as it may sound, I'd been on the hunt for a short-sleeve sweatshirt for quite some time so I was happy when Everlane put one out. It's the perfect thing to throw on when you want to be covered up but you don't want to be too warm (such as when I'm doing laundry). It's just easy to throw on and I think I'm going to wind up wearing it pretty much all year round. I have the navy and am considering grabbing up the heather gray as well. 

The Cashmere V-Neck: This was another holiday gift and it's a perfect basic. Super soft, smooth cashmere and a not-too-deep V. My only regret is that they discontinued the cobalt color that I really wanted! Take note: Everlane retires items from time to time, so if you really like something, don't wait and miss out like I did! They seem to have also retired my beloved Boyfriend Sweatshirts, which I'm kinda sad about because I would've liked to get another color. 

The Chunky Knit Cardigan: When I got this I literally wore it every day for about a month. It's just so. Warm. I sleep with the heat off, resulting in a freezing apartment when I wake up, so I would throw it on every morning and many evenings as well. It's about 100 times warmer than any zip-up sweatshirt that I usually would toss on....I think I even slept in it one night. So yeah. Just really, really cozy, chunky, slouchy, warm, oversized. I got the navy and I really love the color. 

There ya have it! My current Everlane favorites. I'm looking forward to trying their stripes and their new line of sweatshirts, both due in February, as well as their new cashmere, in March. 

Do you guys have any Everlane favorites? If so definitely let me know in the comments! 

Monday, January 12, 2015

Toby's Estate Coffee in the Flatiron District

There are few things I love more than an independent coffee shop with a charming interior and a great selection of drinks and pastries. Toby's Estate in Flatiron has all of that in spades, but really takes it to the next level by providing not only amazing coffee in a gorgeous interior, but also doughnuts from Doughnut Plant (my love of which has not waned in the years since writing this post), along with friendly service and easy access to a little shopping in the form of the adjacent Strand outpost, leading all too easily into the Club Monaco flagship (which I wrote a bit about here). It's a three-for-one! However, this little coffee shop has a charm that stands all on its own. Toby's Flatiron is the perfect place to spend a quiet Sunday morning perusing the Style section of the Times while enjoying a warm latte and tasty treat, as I did yesterday. Read on to check out all of my pictures of this fantastic NYC coffee shop:


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