Friday, August 22, 2014

Adore Home Magazine Book: Finally Available in the US!

Do you guys know about Adore Home? It's an online shelter magazine based out of Australia, and I can't get enough of the inspiring homes and products that are featured. It kind of reminds me of the old Domino in that the style is just really contemporary, eclectic, colorful and fun.

So, I was really excited when I saw (through their Instagram), that an Adore book had been published! Then I quickly realized it was only available in Australia (boo). I kept seeing it featured on their Instagram with its gorgeous gold cover and hot pink spine, and I grew increasingly frustrated at not being able to have it...until the other day I saw that it was finally available in the US! I think I seriously ran to my computer to buy it. The book became available at new-to-me decor shop Hattan Home. And I must warn you, it's already sold out, BUT, it seems that they will be re-stocking and you can sign up to be e-mailed when they do. If you're a fan of colorful decor in the vein of Bright Bazaar, Oh, Joy, or my own home tour, I think you will love this book. It's organized by room and full of bright and happy inspiration for your home. Ya know how they say don't judge a book by its cover? So not the case with coffee table books, and this one especially. Here's a peek:

I love the you get a whole different look if you take the dust cover off...such a cute hot pink cover!

photos of the Adore home book by me, photo number 2 from here

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Few Favorites for Fall

The weather has been so mild this month that I'm starting to feel a little touch of fall fever! I really can't wait for the leaves to change so that I can try to capture all of that amazing autumnal foliage with my DSLR. This will be my first fall since buying it, and I mean really, can anything beat Central Park in the fall? I think not. 

Of course with the change of seasons comes the urge to pick out a few special pieces to add to my closet (just a very few...I'm really all about thinning out my clothing collection these days). Here are a few pieces that I'm considering adding to my wardrobe (or at least my wish list): 

I really need to overhaul my pajama drawer! Chic and cozy oversized nightshirts, adorable pastel colored shorts, yes. Stretched out old boxers that I have from the Gap from a hundred years ago...yeah, no. 
I LOVE that studded sweatshirt. If only it looked longer (I have a long torso since I'm tall), it would be in my shopping cart right now. 

I've never bought an official pair of "boyfriend" jeans, but I do have a pair that's gotten so worn out and soft over the years that they qualify as such. I wear them CONSTANTLY (to the point that one of the belt loops is hanging on by a thread), so I think it might be time to spring for a real pair. I'm obsessed with Madewell's denim and I like that these are more on the slim side. 

I really hate to be a bandwagon-jumper-on-er (that's a new phrase I invented) but the more I kept seeing bucket bags EVERYWHERE....well, I slowly started to want one. This has a more friendly price tag than the Mansur Gavriel that's all over the place, and since I already have other bags from Madewell, I know that I love the quality and style of their leather. It looks comfortable since it's crossbody, the color is gorgeous, and I just think it has a cool, downtown vibe (like all of Madewell's stuff). 

What's on your fall wish list?

Monday, August 18, 2014

The Sweet Shop NYC

I love when a wonderful new shop comes to my neighborhood (especially a sweet shop!), so you can imagine how excited I was to discover The Sweet Shop NYC. It is so many things all wrapped up into one: a candy store, an ice cream shop, a whimsical, Willy Wonka-esque wonderland, a retro soda shoppe...all seamlessly enveloped into a gorgeous little jewel box of a store. They have a plethora of amazing treats here, sourced from over 80 different high-quality vendors. Refreshingly, the owners care deeply about the quality of the items that they stock - the majority of their treats are made with high-quality ingredients and no high-fructose corn syrup. They've got small-batch, uniquely flavored ice cream, gelato, and sorbet from Oddfellows in Brooklyn and Il Laboratorio del Gelato, vegan ice cream from Alchemy Creamery, imported sweets from England and Sweden, and nostalgic items that you remember from your childhood, like Nerds, Pixie sticks, and Sugar Babies. Seeing those candies totally brought back memories for me of the candy store my Dad used to take me and my siblings to as kids. Here's a peek into this sweet confection of a shop:

They specifically placed a ton of candy at eye level for all of the little Upper East Side kids who come in with their parents (I witnessed a few of the neighborhood kids in here while I was taking say they were excited would be an understatement!).

The decor in The Sweet Shop NYC is just as fabulous as all of the sweet treats. They scoured flea markets and tag sales for small vintage items, like wooden drawers and metal baskets, and nestled all of the packaged candy into them. I LOVE that! Just look at how much personality it lends to their displays. The little details like that are the things that make all the difference.

A metal bucket full of candy sits atop this amazing vintage wooden doll highchair. So cool (I actually had a doll highchair like that when I was a kid, so I totally loved this). Those little drawers next to it are part of an old sewing table that they found at a flea market and atop which rests their display of imported Swedish confections. The sewing table drawers are filled with penny candy!

This pastel pink scale is absolutely perfect, straight out of a 1950's soda shoppe (and yes, it needs to be spelled like that).

The showstopper of the decor is this AMAZING chandelier which was HANDMADE by one of the owners! How incredible is that? It's absolutely gorgeous, whimsical, and perfect.

She also hand-glued all of the glass candy pieces onto this fabulous hutch/cabinet that they found at an auction. 

They commissioned this fab mirror covered in candy which inspired a lot of the decor:

Chocolate aplenty.

Love the little candy plaques...details, details!

The lovely owner Kelly (aka "Kelly the Candy Man") made me the yummiest ice cream float with grape amazing! I haven't had grape soda in years, and this one was sans high fructose corn syrup. A perfect treat!

In this age of oversized portions and such, I really admire the fact that at The Sweet Shop they do their best to discourage over-consumption. They offer these tiny cones (SO adorable), as well as selling the loose candy in 1/4 lb portions (most candy stores sell at a minimum of 1/2 lb).

Those Suss caramels on the side there are handmade in small batches in New Hampshire, and I can attest to the fact that they are DELICIOUS. I think it's so cool to have a shop where you can sample handcrafted treats from so many different places!

They really do have something for everyone here, from retro sweets, to super modern ice cream and gelato flavors, to sugar free and nut free items, and much more. The shop has a boutique-y vibe to it that can be a bit rare to find on the Upper East Side - it feels like something from the West Village or Nolita that was magically transported uptown. It is certainly is a welcome addition to the neighborhood, and I foresee many visits to this lovely little spot in my future!

404 E. 73rd Street between York and 1st Avenue
Open Tues-Thurs 11:30AM-10PM
Friday and Saturday 11:30AM-12AM
Sunday 2PM-10PM
Closed Mondays

all photos by me

Friday, August 15, 2014

Scallops and Pom-Poms

After seeing this great article on The Everygirl a few days ago, I got to perusing PB Teen....and it was  such a jackpot! I swear, you can never underestimate these kids stores (PB Teen, Land of Nod, Restoration Hardware Baby and Child). They all have seriously gorgeous items hidden among the kiddie stuff. Case in point: these Emily and Merritt shams, which I am OBSESSED WITH. I think these are amazingly gorgeous! I love the black and white palette and the feminine, soft scallops...they look Parisian, and they look grown-up but still whimsical and fun. As far as I'm concerned, they are perfect - and neutral enough to fit into almost any decor. Happily, the price is part of their charm - it's only 29.50 for a standard and 32.50 for a Euro! 

I also spotted these curtains which I'm kind of in love with as well:

I think they're so cute, but also sophisticated. (can pom-poms be sophisticated?) Anyway I think the natural linen material mixed with black keeps it upscale, but the pom-poms keep it fun and fresh. Perfect mix!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Coffee Guide

I spotted this Coffee Guide print on Instagram the other day and thought it was so cute! Wouldn't that be fun in a kitchen? It's got a simple, chic look to it (I love the handwriting-esque font)...and it's surprisingly useful too! As much as I'm a complete coffee addict, I'm still shamefully forgetful when it comes to the difference between all of the drinks they have listed. It's sold through a Swedish website (but they ship worldwide), and I think it has that simple, Scandinavian-chic look going for it. 

Perusing the site, I also found this print and thought it was quite interesting. It's a quote from Michelangelo, and it says "I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set it free." Usually I'm not much for quotes on prints, but that really struck me - I think it's such a beautiful thought on art, and I found it kind of affecting. I also love the way the print looks like wrinkled's an interesting touch that I've not seen before. It's also available in black

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Antique Desks

Is there any furniture item more appealing than an antique desk? To me, not really. Especially an antique secretary desk, with little nooks and shelves hidden inside the top...and maybe even a skeleton key to open the drawers! I get so, so excited when I see pieces like that, with scrolly bits and unique woodworking. I think when you paint a nice, new coat of white over all of those antique-y, traditional touches, it creates a perfect blend of traditional meets modern. I was on Ebay the other day and got sucked into a black hole of antique desks:

I LOVE this! Seriously, this is what I'm talking about. Picture this painted in glossy white. Look at all of that cool carving on the front and scrolliness underneath (I wish I knew the proper terms for that stuff, pretty sure it's not "scrolliness). When do you ever see desks like this? It's so unique. I don't hate the wood but I just think with a coat of white paint it would feel like such a perfect juxtaposition of modern and antique. And look closely because THERE ARE KEYS for the drawers. That just kills me. 

I. LOVE. THIS. I love that it's sort of a secretary, love the shelf on top which would be fun to style, love the little cabinets with their mesh fronts, love the little space in the middle, love the curved legs and the curved drawers. (The only thing I hate is the leather top, that would have to go). Seriously, those curved legs are too pretty. Again, coat of white paint and you're good to go. This is such a unique piece, and it's only $150.

I would have some serious fun with this. Paint it white (I'm so predictable), style the hell out of those shelves with books, flowers, and accessories, and then find some better draw pulls and a killer modern chair...perfection! I actually had a piece like this growing up, and I'm definitely a fan. 

I happen to love this one too. It's so stately looking! Tons of little drawers and cubbyholes in that thing. Also lots of storage underneath and on the bookshelf up top, too. That cabinet in the middle has a key too, which obviously is clutch. It reminds me of this, which I've always loved:

Elizabeth Mayhew's desk from her book Flip for Decorating (a really enjoyable design book)

And remember this home tour in Lonny that I write about once before? Well she took a traditional, wooden piece like these (except it was a china hutch, rather than a desk), gave it a coat of shiny white paint, filled it with books, and voila:
Elizabeth Bauer's home tour in Lonny's June/July 2010 issue

PERFECTION! See how well that works?

I think that it's so important for rooms to be a mix of old and new, traditional and modern...and in this age of seeing the same things over and over (ghost chairs, Parsons desks, Expedits...which I'm totally guilty of too!) isn't it nice to have at least one item that no one else will have? Old pieces just have such a charm and often are more well-made than new pieces. So don't be afraid to check Ebay, Craigslist, and antique stores or flea markets for furniture pieces before just buying everything new! With a coat of paint and some new hardware these pieces can be modernized and really lend a unique look to your space. 


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