Friday, October 24, 2014

Sugar Paper for Target 2015

Guess what guys...Sugar Paper is back at Target! Their newest collection for the retail store launches on October 28th and will be available for 12 weeks only. We all remember how quickly their first collection for Target sold out, so mark your current calendars, and run, don't walk! These adorable items won't last long and they're sure to get your 2015 started out on the right foot -an organized, and pretty one, that is!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Warby Parker Upper East Side: Part II

As promised, it's Part II of my trip to Warby Parker's Upper East Side retail store (in case you missed it, here's Part I.). It feels so good when a great store comes to the 'hood, I have to admit! I wanted to mention another thing that I think is awesome about the glasses company, in case you weren't aware: Warby Parker has the very cool home try-on program. Here's how it works: you order five pairs of glasses (or sunglasses), that you like from the site. They mail them to you free of charge. You have five days to try them out and see which you like (and which your friends like on you!). You then mail them back (again free of charge), and order the pair that you like from the site. I did it back when I was picking my glasses, and it worked perfectly! I wound up with a pair that I loved, and it was all risk-free. I definitely recommend it. Now back to the Upper East Side store: 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Warby Parker Upper East Side

Warby Parker is one of my favorite brands, for a few reasons. First and foremost, I love the whole vibe and aesthetic of their stores, their website, and their products. The glasses they offer are current, modern, and just exactly the kind that I'm interested in wearing - and for an astonishingly good price (if you've ever bought glasses anywhere else, you understand what I'm talking about. ASTRONOMICAL prices). I wear my Fitz glasses in Walnut Tortoise every single day to work, because I think they're great-looking and they're comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Another thing I love about the brand: they do a lot of great work with different organizations, including providing a pair of glasses to those in developing countries for every pair sold. Today I have a few (well, more than a few) pictures to share that I took in their Upper East Side store. It's just as great looking and charming as their glasses are, so I hope you'll join me for a little tour:

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Ladurée x Bonpoint: A Happy Halloween

Whenever the mood strikes, I love to amble on over to Ladurée on Madison Avenue and treat myself to a gorgeous box of colorful, delicious macarons. Half the fun of visiting the shops (both uptown and downtown) is checking out the new macaron boxes that they release on a regular basis. They always have certain standbys (pastel pink, lavender, classic Ladurée green), but from time to time, they'll also do specialty boxes in collaboration with other companies and designers. There was a hot pink and gold Nina Ricci box (I obviously had to get that), and then there was the Donna Karan box that I Instagrammed here. Now they've teamed up with the incredibly adorable and beautiful French children's store Bonpoint to do a spooky box for Halloween. When they offered to send me a sample box filled with their newest flavor, chocolate praline, my response was an immediate, yes please!

This adorable box is available at their Soho tea salon (which, incidentally, happens to have a Bonpoint right next door) and I think it would be such a sweet hostess gift to bring (along with a bottle of wine, perhaps) if you're attending any Halloween parties!

The chocolate praline flavor was seriously delicious. It had a rich, fudgy flavor, and perfectly fulfilled my chocolate craving.

A box full of delicious macarons from Ladurée is most definitely my idea of a happy Halloween :)

photos by me

Monday, October 20, 2014

Outfit: Stuart Weitzman Over the Knee Boots

Stuart Weitzman over the knee boots and Alexander Wang Rocco bag
 As I mentioned in this post, I really think you can get great over the knee boots no matter what your budget (check out this great round-up that Victoria did if you're looking for options galore!). I decided to spring for the Stuart Weitzman 5050 over the knee boots because I'd been dying for them since last year, and when you love something for that long (versus making an impulse purchase), then I think it's a smart purchase! Read on to check 'em out:

Saturday, October 18, 2014

A Few Good Links

The image above is from the mesmerizing Chateau de Gudanes, a French castle being renovated and restored by a brave Australian couple. You can follow along as they document the process on Instagram, and you must check out the home tour that Lonny published! It is so amazing, like stepping back in time to a crumbling, romantic dream. It reminds me of the Titanic and could totally be the house from this book (well, sort of...that book was set in London but whatever). I'm officially hooked!

Another eye-opening post from Food Babe about how chain restaurants in the UK (Starbucks, McDonalds, etc.) are serving Europeans the same food they serve at their locations here in the US, but with a few key differences: drastically less sugar, drastically more organic ingredients. Why are we getting the short end of the stick?! Please read the article and share it with everyone you know - these unfair practices will never change if consumers don't demand it!

Loren Hope's fall look book is too good to be true. So much eye candy! My favorites include these, stacked as they did in the look book, this, and this. They're currently having a 15% off sale which is pretty great (so many good sales going on now for some reason - I guess it's like pre-holiday or something).

The smartest decorating advice that you've never heard before.

Why the Upper East Side is now cooler than Brooklyn. I feel so vindicated!

I'm having such a good time following along on Erin Gates' book tour, virtually. I had a great time meeting her in NYC and it's so fun to follow along as she posts from all of her tour stops. The best part? Seeing all of her amazing outfits!

A new Everlane favorite: this black cashmere V-neck sweater. It looks slouchy, cozy, effortless, and like something a cool French girl would wear. I think everyone needs one really great cashmere piece, and where better to get such a basic than Everlane?

Freaking out about the wrong thing. Frank Bruni is an excellent writer and I agree with pretty much every single statement that he made in this piece. Best part: "vanity trumps sanity." Sad but true and couldn't have phrased it better myself!

image via Lonny Magazine

Friday, October 17, 2014

A Jonathan Adler Sale!

Lately I've had Jonathan Adler on the brain - in part due to yesterday's post, where I fell in love with that Scalinatella Cocktail Table, and in part from reading Erin Gates' book, which is positively peppered with JA items. It's convenient timing, as they're currently having a Friends and Family event: 20% off every purchase through October 20th! Pretty major. (Just use code FF2014). Here are my current favorites:


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